Monday, January 3, 2011

Happenings at The Genealogy Dude!!!

We contracted a great company named Pixel Perfect Softworks in Pensacola to build a basic Web site for us.  You can find it at  They not only built the site, but they also went through all the red tape for us in purchasing the domain name.

And in the past few days they provided us a new service for them - they created a Twitter account for us and even a Facebook fan page.  How cool is that!!!  The links to both will soon be on the Web site and we'll work hard to get them linked here.  I'm not the tech savvy person of our bunch, so Russell or Olivia will probably do that. 

Olivia is in Edinburgh doing research for a client - she gets all the cool travel assignments.  The rest of us pretty much stay home in the U.S., though I may be going to Canada soon.

Len K.

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